Wedding Rings and Blue High Heels

What an absolutely stunning morning at the Inn at Salado.

It was 7:30am. The sun was rising, the breeze was cool and crisp, and through the window of the inn I spot Carolina. The bride to be. 

She's glowing. I mean, absolutely elated that within the hour the man she had spent the last couple years of her life with would become her Husband. Her "better half". Until death do us part, her lover and partner. Who wouldn't be glowing? 

Carolina and Nadir were pure joy. The way they smiled at each other, made one another laugh, and the way he twirled her in the middle of an empty road with the sun peeking through the trees- it was so cinematic and oh so romantic. Honestly, his uniform and her tea length dress and blue shoes...they could have jumped right off the movie screen and into my photos.

When I had learned from Carolina that Nadir was in the military I just assumed he'd be a little more stern, a little more camera shy, a little more reserved, but he surprised me. I think he surprised us all! His smiles were so genuine and his eyes spoke a million words when he looked at Carolina. Couples like these, they don't need words. It's written all over them how in love they are and how perfect they are for one another. You could see on Carolina's mother's face that she couldn't be happier with her daughter's future husband. She knows how loved her little girl is.

Carolina's mother flew in to visit from out of state and the day before the ceremony Nadir and Carolina surprised her and told her she was actually there for there union! I can only imagine the tears that were shed and the hugs that followed. She was such a loving woman. Nadir, he's got a mother in law that is pure gold. 

She was there for their special day. She celebrated with them and laughed with them. She cried when they took a moment to remember Carolina's father and cried when Carolina kissed Nadir, her HUSBAND, for the first time. This day, it was the day when she got to hand her baby girl off to the man she has entrusted her future with. What a moment. 

So, Carolina and Nadir- Here is to your happily ever after. I pray those smiles and eyes keep gleaming and that every day is a sunny and perfect as your wedding day. 

Blessings, friends.

Britain Paulk