We took a little trip...

My husband and I recently took a weekend to just get away and spend much needed time together...without our babies.

Me, being me, I wanted to stay fairly close to where our little ladies would be staying, so we decided to do a sort of "staycation" and head to Houston and Galveston for a couple of days and just enjoy simple strolls, conversation, and lots of yummy food together.

Of course, as much as I wanted to carry my camera around everywhere we went, I also wanted to make sure I was engaged with my love and not just my camera! So, he won. He always wins that one...sorry, camera. You are important, but he is my heart.

So, one of the few times I pulled out my camera was on the ferry and for a few minutes on the beach one day. It was probably about 15 minutes total, but I captured some shots that made me get goosebumps, so all in all, it was okay that my camera stayed in my bag 99% of the trip!

Here is a peek into 15 minutes of our vacation and some strangers along the way...

Britain Paulk