Sealed with a kiss at The Springs Event Venue near Houston, Texas

Celeste and Matt have a pretty special story and we were lucky enough to get to be asked to be part of it all! 

When it came time to photograph these two at their engagement session we were a little blindsided to learn that they had never kissed and didn’t plan to until their wedding day! So that meant getting really creative with their engagements and of course, totally anticipating their wedding MONTHS later. 

All of their friends and family knew this was something special that Matt and Celeste wanted to do, so when the day came everyone was sort of googly eyed and had no clue what to expect...and to our surprise, neither did we! 

We took Matt out to hide his eyes and we walked Celeste in that stunning gown down to see her groom for their First Look. She touched his shoulder, he turned and his face lit up, and as everyone watched from the window, they had their very first kiss. 

I’m pretty sure there was an eruption of cheering inside of the venue! 

As you can image as the day went on there were LOTS more kisses, more smiles that we could count, and dancing you wouldn’t believe...Celeste also failed to tell us that her entire DANCE TEAM was coming. Talk about some dance moves! 

It was an occasion we’ll never forget...and neither will anyone else!

Britain Paulk