Salado, Texas

When Kristi, the bride, wrote me about photographing their big day she said, "Oh, it's just going to be a little family wedding...nothing fancy." Well, she failed to tell me that she would be glistening in sparkles, that someone would sing their first song perfectly and beautifully, that there would be love overflowing from every single person there, or that the dance party would be one for the books! This wedding may have been put together in no time at all, but that didn't mean it wasn't a night to remember!

The groom is a total gentleman with a heart of gold and would lasso the moon for his lady if he could. The bride is an absolute doll, precious to the core, and is so selfless and beautiful inside and out. And their families- oh my goodness! Their families love to shake it on the dance floor and enjoy being in the moment together and savor every last laugh and hug. What a tribe they formed by joining hands!

And did I mention that not only was it a joining of the bride & groom, but of their two families. Kristi and Billy both have two children and they are all CRAZY about one another! Table for SIX, please! The Parrish's are coming through! It was no doubt a CELEBRATION and a joy filled occasion! I had an absolute blast and would do it again in a heartbeat! While their outdoor ceremony under an old oak tree was bamboozled by a little lucky wedding day rain, everyone still made the best of the situation and packed things up to head indoors. There wasn't an indoor plan, so everyone came together and made it happen! I told you- this family was phenomenal! No rain was going to spoil this monumental day! Plus, isn't rain on your wedding day good luck?!

Kristi Parrish and Billy Parrish, thank you for choosing me to capture your incredible day. You both were an joy to work with and I was honored to be there to witness the occasion!

Britain Paulk