"I now pronounce you man and wife.", but it's a secret at Heather's Glen in Conroe, Texas

Elopements use to mean heading to Vegas and having “Elvis” marry you at the Little White Chapel, but these days eloping means having a small, private, intimate union and they are just as beautiful and meaningful as a giant wedding with 500 guests. 

This particular elopement was for their eyes only and was a secret for THREE weeks before announcing it to the world! 

The only ones that knew were the bride & groom, the makeup artist, the officiant, and myself. 

Talk about anticipation!

As Thyra and Tyson headed off on their sand, sun, drinks “vacation” (it was really their honeymoon) Thyra posted their first images letting the world know THEY TIED THE KNOT! 

I loved seeing all of the hilarious comments from everyone they knew who were so happy for them and loved how they did it all! So, my advice to you couples- Do what makes you happy. Marry who you want, where you want, how you want, and tell everyone when you want. 

Just make sure it’s Willow & Pine you have photographing it! ;)

Britain Paulk