Houston...The city for lovers

Glitz, glam, a sharp suit, and two killer smiles.

These two have known each other since 2nd grade and have been dating since their freshman year in high school. 11 amazing years for these two and they are tying the knot next June!

Ralph's smiles speak a million words about he feels about Anavid and I never got tired of watching him gaze at her with absolute admiration!

And Anavid, my goodness. You are strikingly beautiful, have the most loving heart, and the way you love Ralph is absolute perfection. I could photograph you two a million times and I'd still want more.

Here's to you two- from day one to year 80, I hope your smiles stay vibrant, your hearts on fire, and your chemistry as strong as ever.

Watch out June, 2018... A new married couple is coming to town!

Britain Paulk