An Adoption Story: Celebrate, We Will!

I met this precious family when we moved to the area and attended their church and realized what a fun bunch they were. The G family is made up of five outgoing personalities, lots of laughs, and more love than you can shake a stick at. 

This family has walked many paths over their years together. They have one biological child and the Lord gave them a heart with a special place for adoption and they now have two adopted, stunning girls. 

The latest celebration for Family G was last week when the world was finally able to be graced with pictures of Baby E and they were able to "legally" say that she was their daughter and sister.  I was honored and blessed to photograph their official adoption and let me tell you, if love were tangible like water, it would have been overflowing out the windows and doors of that courthouse into the streets! So many family members came to celebrate, support, and witness this beautiful day and my heart could hardly contain itself. I've never photographed a family this large and it was such a joy. 

Cousins were there keeping everyone smiling and running around like crazy, grandparents were there giving all the kisses and snuggles, aunts and uncles were there doing what aunts and uncles do (cracking jokes and laughing). That's why everyone loves aunts and uncles...they're the party! (I say this as an aunt.) 

And Mama and Daddy- I think their heads were spinning a little bit with all of the paperwork, timelines, questions, and just waiting patiently for it all to be final and done. Hit the gavel already! 

Once they exited that courthouse the party and photos were on! It was done. The family of FIVE was officially official.

Adoption is one of those things I've witnessed a few friends walk through and it always feel so odd to say they're official family at a certain point when the gavel has come down and the papers have been signed. 

It felt official a long long time ago. Baby E was a part of this family from day one. She was a part of this family from conception. She was a part of this family from the beginning of time. She was always destined for this path and it's a part of her story.  The only thing that has changed is that now we can share her images and those sweet cheeks (and hilarious personality) with the world. 

Baby E, your are a gift to the world. You shine like the sun and your personality sparkles like the night sky. Stay funny, keep your parents on their toes, and go enjoy life to the fullest. The world is at your fingertips! 

Thank you, G family, for sharing this day with me and letting me witness something to incredible!