From Russia with Love. A Galveston elopement.

These lovers wanted to have their special day on the beach and for it to be private, intimate, and full of wind blown images and waves crashing. 

We adore elopements, small ceremonies, and private unions, but this one was a little unique….

Kseniia is from Russia and her family joined in on all of the excitement through Facetime! They couldn’t make the trip from Russia, so they did the next best thing and were there in spirit… and on phone call.

The families met for the first time that day through modern day technology and it was just like they were meeting in person… Yes, grandmothers were hugging the phone. It was adorable and it was such a special moment! 

After the “legal” end of marriage we headed down to walk in the sand and dance on the beach…. Their day was magic!

Britain Paulk